Only 4 cloud companies stock those you must buy and never sell.

Here we are covering stars of the cloud industry. These stocks are the backbone of all businesses using cloud services.

First of all let us understand what Cloud is. Generally any organisation operating online has it’s servers located either in premises or other central location. There are several disadvantages to it. Most importantly, setting up servers, maintaining and sometimes you may not need that many servers as installed or suddenly due to higher demand you need more servers. In that case you lose money on extra servers and lose business on less servers. This phenomenon can be explained as Scaling up and Scaling down. 

In case the company providing cloud servers, will have too many servers installed. Because of the higher number of quantities they can buy it cheaper and since they are specialized in providing these servers. They can optimally plan usage of each server and reduce maintenance costs. In short cloud server providers will use economies of scale. Similarly they can provide better security to all servers at a lesser price. And eventually it costs less to user than to have own servers, also gives ability to scale up or down easily and quickly.

Providing server access is just one part of cloud business. But there are several businesses using this technology and revolutionizing the current industry. 

Some examples where it is applied,

SAAS – Software as a service

PAAS – Platform as a service

IAAS – infrastructure as a service

Below businesses are the leader in above mentioned and several other cloud based businesses.

  1. Zscaler
  • A leader in securing the cloud. 
  • Security as a service SPasS (Security Platform as a service)


  1. Twilio
  • Leader in CPasS (Communication Platform as a service)

Stock recommendation: Twilio

  1. Coupa
  • Value as a service

Stock recommendation: Coupa

  1. Fastly
  • A leader in CDN-Content delivery network

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