Is Apple stock worth buying?

Yes, Apple stock is worth buying.

Historically, Apple is one of, if not the most innovative companies around. Look at the Apple Watch, for example. Everyone was making wearables; Samsung, Google, etc. Apple comes in years late with the Apple Watch, and it sells out immediately.

Your favorite celebrity wears one as well. And this is not only about their excellent marketing. The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch out there. None of the others are refined. They are all rushed and rudimentary. Not polished. And that is why Apple continues to grow and capture market share.

Have you ever needed to install an anti-virus on your Mac? No.

Have you ever replaced your iPhone’s battery? No, and if you ever have to, the Apple Store would do it for you.

Apple is just a combination of amazing products, loyal customers, and the best marketing in the world. And all it is going to do is grow.

So, continue buying, or start buying Apple stock.

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