Stock recommendation: Twilio

Strong mission statement: “Twilio’s mission is to fuel the future of communication.”

Business: Twilio provides technology that enables companies to communicate with their users. Such as the text message you receive when you book your Uber and Voicemail you receive from the bank upon any deposit or withdrawal etc.

Founder-CEO: It has been observed that founder-led companies do better than other organizations. For example – Facebook, Microsoft under Bill Gates, etc. Twilio is led by Jeff Lawson, founder and the CEO of the company.

Skin in the game: Insiders holds 19.5% of shares addition that Lawson owns 8% of stocks. Therefore, the performance of stocks makes a huge impact on their wealth.

Super Network: Twilio’s proprietary “Super Network” allows customers to communicate with any client, anywhere in the world, at any time. The more the data running through the Super Network’s servers, the more accurate and powerful it becomes.

Demand growth: The number of active customers has increased four-fold in the last four years. DBNE- Dollar-based expansion rate: It tells investors whether customers stay with Twilio, and if they do, if they are paying more year after year. Twilio has a DBNE of 100%.

Employees favorite: As per Glassdoor, Twilio has 4.4 stars (out of 5), with 99% approving of Lawson’s work and 86% saying they would recommend a job at Twilio to a friend. Those are very high marks.

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