Top 5 Investment Advices I Would Give My 25-Year-Old Self.

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“You can be a millionaire.”

Good news! Just probably not if you try to be one by 30. Pull up a financial calculator. Plugin $1,000,000. Number of years to age 65. A reasonable rate of long-term return. Calculate how much you need to save monthly to reach it. Want to increase your amount of speed? Save more.

“Get rich quick, easy, and sure.”

You may hear it constantly. Someone will get rich quickly. Only it’ll be the guy selling the scheme, not you. Don’t chase genies.

“Time the market.”

Amid a correction, people say, “I’m cashing out before I lose more. I’ll get back in when it’s safe.” I respond, “Describe for me what the day looks like when it’s completely safe. Then you have a plan. Otherwise, it’s a fairy tale.” Of course, fairy tales always have happy endings, am I right?

“Buy low, sell high.”

A neighbor, who’d never invested, was telling me how easy investing is. I responded, “That’s brilliant.” Only one problem. Most people do exactly the opposite because of emotion. So instead, invest every month. Up or down. When down, you buy more shares.

“You can’t lose money.”

Someone announces the latest perfect investment. “You’ll double your money fast.” I’ve watched it with dot-com stocks, houses, gold, and Bitcoin. Believe it, someone will always figure out a way to lose money. So spread the risk.

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